Samples & Media

Visit our World Premiere page for media related to the Youth Sing Praise production on June 27, 2015 at Our Lady of the Snows.

And then, below, find some samples we created during the writing and production preparations!

IMG_6688As a little taste, here is a link for an informal DEMO sample that Brad’s MFA class (at the end of a long semester of studies) made of the title track: “Just Pretend” Title Track


Here’s a soundcloud demo of Orin singing an early version of “Why Must There Always Be Someone to Hate”

Here are a few pages of the score and libretto to explore: “Just Pretend” Web Samples

A teaser video for the debut, with computer audio of the Act II Entr’acte:


IMG_5464Come back soon to find more snippets of the score, audio and video samples, photos, and other tidbits related to “Just Pretend” as we get more opportunities to share!

We’re also happy to provide digital perusal copies of the show to anyone considering a production – just contact us and ask for yours today!

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